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Make your special day extra special


How about a two tier cake with chocolate fudge at the bottom and carrot cake on the top or red velvet throughout?

Most popular flavours to choose from are:

  • Vanilla (Victoria sponge) with strawberry jam
  • Chocolate ( brownie, fudge...)
  • Red velvet - a red-brown layer cake topped with white cream cheese or cooked icing.
  • Classic Carrot


Why not add a tasty something extra to that special cake. Our favourite are the macaroons but don’t let us choose!

Anything from a profiteroles, macaroons, cake pops, scones, brownies can be nice treat for young and old.

Birthday cakes

Birthdays are special for any age. A cake can bring back memories and add a nice centerpiece to your theme.


A cake can be for any occasion. Celebrate it with something nice.

Naked cakes

A popular alternative to cakes with icing. They can come semi-naked and dripping.